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~Suzanne Cloutier, PhD, CPA

Suzanne Cloutier helps entrepreneurs and investors maximize their opportunities and minimize their expenses. The result: improved cash flow, increased net assets, and higher profit margins.

A CPA for more than 25 years, Suzanne is an expert in the ever-changing tax laws and reporting requirements governing businesses and personal income tax. Equally important, she translates arcane tax and audit regulations into plain English, pointing out the benefits and risks of alternative courses of action.Suzanne’s clients describe her as a CPA who is a joy to work with and who solves problems with uncommon sense. For example, she helps clients streamline their record keeping, leading to direct and indirect savings of time and money. Her clients also report that Suzanne always seems to have access to the right professionals to meet their needs, whether in law, banking, real estate, insurance, consulting, or virtually any other field.

"By helping put my clients on solid financial ground, I give them the freedom to pursue their goals. I find it very satisfying to be able to affect their lives in such positive and enlarging ways, to help them change their lives by changing how they think about money and changing how they deal with their money."

Cloutier and Associate

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